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Senate Panel Passes Teen Driving Bill

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A Senate committee passed a bill that would ban drivers under 18 from using cell phones after hearing emotional testimony from several people who have suffered personal tragedies caused by young, inexperienced drivers.

The Senate Transportation Committee voted 9-1 to endorse the bill, which will now go before a full Senate for consideration, after provisions were made.

New provisions include: teen drivers with learner’s permits would need to log 50 hours of supervised driving experience. Ten of the hours 50 hours will need to be at night – before they are able to apply for a driver’s license.

While behind the wheel, drivers under 18 would be banned from using any type of cell phone or handheld device. Another provision, under the bill, would push the minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license to 16 and six months, if the teen takes drivers education classes, 17 if they do not.

The minimum age for a teen to obtain a learners permit would be moved to 15½. #