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Chrissie Cole

Bloomfield Woman Suffers Severe Head Injury In Crash

A Bloomfield woman suffered a severe head injury in a car accident, Monday, when her vehicle left the highway and rolled over several times, according to Lt. Bryan Woodall of Greene county…

Chrissie Cole

Speeding Ticket Fees will go to Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury Fund

Drivers caught speeding will pay the price of the ticket and additional fees to boot, including $70 in court cost fees. And $2 jury fee, $7 record keeping fee, $3 public defenders and much more. By the time it is done, the average motorist ends up paying close to $110 in court costs and fees for basic traffic infractions.The House-passed version of a state budget, now resting in the Senate’s…

Chrissie Cole

Officer Battles Brain Injury

Office Richard Lomax, 29, sustained severe head injuries when three thugs attacked him and a fellow officer after a minor car crash at 3:45 am on Saturday.Lomax and Robert DeFazio, both graduated from the academy only two weeks ago, were in Lomax’s Ford Explorer when it skidded on the ice crashing into the back of a Nissan Maxima.Lomax and DeFazio got out of the vehicle, identified themselves as…

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Soldiers' Brain Injury Recoveries To Be Helped By Woodruff

ABC anchor Bob Woodruff has signed a deal with Random House to write a book with his wife about their experiences during his recovery from severe head trauma suffered when Woodruff was injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. A portion of the book’s proceeds has been earmarked for organizations that help members of the armed forces recovering from traumatic brain injuries, according to Random House….