Indianapolis, Indiana


Tom Hastings

Dangers of portable generators

Winter is just around the corner and with it the inevitable blizzards and ice storms that are sure to blow through here over the next several months. Of course, ice and snow bring the possibility of…

Tom Hastings

Preventing Frostbite in Cold Weather

Threat of Frostbite Should Not Be Taken Lightly
Some people enjoy snow and the cold weather. Some people do not. No one however, wants to suffer from frostbite. Midwesterners will be facing…

Tom Hastings

The Dangers of Ice and Frozen Bodies of Water During Winter

With winter upon us, many people will enjoy outdoor activities that involve frozen bodies of water. Ice fishing, ice skating, sledding, or just brisk walks in the woods can lead to people…

Stephen Wagner

IMPD Officer Involved in Deadly Pursuit

Yesterday two people were killed in Indianapolis when a van being followed by an IMPD officer ran a red light, struck an SUV, and then slammed into an Indygo bus. Initial reports from the police…

Chrissie Cole

Kanawha County Man Files Lawsuit After Slip and Fall at Taco Bell

A Kanawha County man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the national fast food chain, Taco Bell, for a slip and fall accident that occurred on February 1, 2006, when he fell on a wet floor.The lawsuit was filed on January 30, in Kanawha Circuit Court against Taco Bell.The man suffered severe injuries when he slipped and fell. The suit alleges, Taco Bell was negligent and should have…

Jenny Albano

Grassy Meadows Raw Milk Cheese May be Contaminated with Staph

High levels of staphylococcus aureus, or known as “staph”, were found in several raw milk cheeses which were manufactured by Grassy Meadows dairy in Howe, Indiana. The products that were found to contain “staph” include Colby (lot no. 210317 and 19177), Jalapeno natural cheese (lot no. 2617, 21017 and 11017), “Homemade” cheese (lot no. 19267 and 19227), Monterey Jack (lot no. 18207 and 2937),…

Chrissie Cole

Modine Manufacturing Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit

Modine Manufacturing Co. settled a personal injury lawsuit, Friday that accused the company of environmental contamination at a manufacturing plant that the company operates in McCullom Lake Village, Illinois.The company has not admitted liability by agreeing to the settlement. Specific terms of the settlement were not disclosed.Modine Manufacturing said they would propose a class settlement to…

Chrissie Cole

Merck Settles Vioxx Claim for Nearly $5 Billion

Merck & Co. has agreed to pay out a record breaking settlement of $4.85 million to settle over 26,000 state and federal lawsuits involving patients who used Vioxx, a popular pain reliever.While this is one of the largest civil settlements in history, it represents only a fraction of the company’s potential liability, which experts believe is between $10 billion and $25 billion.Vioxx was…

Chrissie Cole

Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit After Slip-and-Fall Accident

A personal injury lawsuit has been filed against a local grocery store after a woman suffered injuries when she slipped and fell in one of the aisles.The lawsuit was filed in Berkeley Circuit Court, on July 11, against Giant Food Stores, doing business as Martin’s Food Market.While walking down the pet food aisle on July 15, 2005, she slipped and fell on a clear substance. She suffered serious…

Staff Writer

Salmonella Spread By Deli Workers?

We are receiving reports that a deli worker who was infected with salmonella poisoning from eating tainted Peter Pan Peanut Butter continued to work for months after the worker became sick. The worker was employed at a Brownsburg, IN Wal-Mart and was informed by the Indiana State Department of Health that working near food or in the deli was a health-code violation.If you live in or around…