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At Wagner Reese & Crossen, LLP, we believe that the right lawyer can make the difference in your case. Every lawyer is obligated to provide vigorous, knowledgeable representation for their clients. At the personal injury law offices of Wagner, Reese & Crossen, LLP, we think that’s a good start, but it doesn’t go far enough. Our attorneys are aggressive, energetic, and committed to recovering the most compensation possible in every single case. We won’t take your case and then pressure you to accept a low settlement offer. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals work together to get behind your case. We develop effective strategies that will work for you and your family. Since 1997, the personal injury law firm of Wagner, Reese & Crossen has been providing quality representation for all types of personal injury claims. Our attorneys combine for more than fifty years of personal injury experience. When you hire us, we will show the insurance companies you are serious about receiving the full and just settlement or jury award you may be entitled to.