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Nestle Driver Killed In Semi Accident


A driver was killed in a truck accident on Tuesday when two semitrailers collided at U.S. 31 and Indiana 28, according to Tipton County Sheriff deputies.

A truck, driven by Bill Maseman, 38, of South Carolina, was transporting milk products from the Anderson Nestle Plant, heading west on Ind. 28, when he allegedly entered the intersection at the same time as a truck carrying drywall.

The westbound truck ran head-on into the flatbed of the northbound truck, destroying the cab of the westbound truck and killing Maseman, said deputies.

Both northbound and southbound lanes of U.S. 31 were closed down for more than six hours.

The driver of the northbound truck and his passenger were not injured in the crash.

Maseman drove for Continental Express of Sidney, Ohio, which is a contractor for Nestlé, according to Pam Krebs, spokeswoman for Nestlé in Anderson.


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    that was my dad and i dont thank he ran that red light

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    I edited the post to say “alleged.” I apologize if it seemed I was insinuating he did based on the 2 news articles I read.

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family.

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    all his friends and family i talked 2 said they heard he fell a sleep at the wheele but they have rode with b4 and when he gets tired he will pull of the road

  4. Truckie D says:
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    There have been some interesting comments on this post. First, let me express my condolences to the family of the driver who was killed.

    I happen to be very familiar with this stretch of highway, and in fact, I saw the aftermath of this crash while I was on my way home that early morning.

    First, a basic fact: when two vehicles collide at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal, *somebody* committed a violation. In this case, not having sufficient information, I couldn’t tell you who ran the light.

    This stretch of US 31 is particularly bad for trucks. Most of the traffic signals don’t have a yellow light that’s really long enough to enable trucks to safely come to a stop from highway speed. There have been quite a few occasions when I’ve had to do some high-performance braking at some of those lights.

    What would greatly increase safety at these intersections is to add some “prepare to stop when flashing” signs. These are common in Ohio on secondary roads with higher speed limits, and give truck drivers much more time to stop, without having to slam on the brakes. Several intersections on this stretch of highway are down in hollows, preventing the signals from being seen for any distance.

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    Thank you for sharing some insight Truckie D, much appreciated.