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Couple Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Odesco Industrial Services

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A couple from St. Louis filed a wrongful death lawsuit on August 5, against Odesco Industrial Services seeking damages for their son’s death.

According to court documents, filed in Madison County Circuit Court, Michael McMahon was killed in a car accident on February 9, in St. Louis County.

The couple alleges their son was a passenger in a vehicle, struck by a company truck driven by the co-defendant, an employee of Odesco Industrial Services.

“The collision between the Odesco industrial truck and the Rachas vehicle which took the life of Michael McMahon was the direct and proximate result of the negligence of Defendants in that Defendants operated their vehicle at an excessive speed, failed to keep a proper lookout, allowed and permitted their vehicle to strike the Rachas vehicle in the rear and was following the Rachas vehicle too closely,” the complaint states.

Under the Missouri Wrongful Death Statue, the McMahons are seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000.