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IRS Raid Led To Suicide, Suit Claims

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In November 2007 armed Internal Revenue Service agents raided the home of Denise and James Simon. Three days later Denise took her life.

Mr. Simon is now suing the U.S. government for wrongful death.

The government denies any responsibility for the death of Denise Simon, a 50-year-old woman of six from Fort Wayne.

According to court documents, Simon left behind a note that stated “she could not live in terror of being accused of things I did not do.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages and alleges IRS agents made misleading statements to obtain a search warrant.

Visit http://rememberdenise.org/ for more information on the case and what happened. A dozen armed agents raiding the home, does seem aggressive… Especially when you consider the family had no prior warning that the IRS was investigating them… that is just my opinion based on what I read. Share your opinion with us below.